A rí rind...

A rí rind,
cid dub mo thech nó cid find,
nocho n-íadfaither fri nech
nár' íada Críst a thech frimm.

(O * king * of stars /
though * dark * my * house * or * though * bright /
not * it will be closed * against * anyone /
that not * may close * Christ * his * house * against me)

O King of stars!
Though my house be dark or bright,
it shall not be closed to anyone
so that Christ may not close his house to me.

A verse from the Lebar Brecc, quoted by Kuno Meyer in "A Primar of Early Irish Metrics".

Techt do Róim...

Techt do Róim,
mór saítho, bec torbai.
In rí chon-daigi i foss,
manim-bera latt, ní fogbai.

(going * to * Rome / a great deal * of hardship * little * of profit / the * king * that you seek * there / if not him - you carry * with you * not * you find)

Going to Rome,
great hardship, little profit.
You won't find the king you seek there
unless you take him with you.

A ninth century verse preserved in the Codex Boernerianus.

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