About Sengoídelc

This site houses my collection of quotations from medieval Irish literature. These are short passages that caught my eye and my fancy. Some are well-known, and others are more obscure. They include proverbs, maxims, similes, metaphors, greetings, exclamations, curses, and the charged words of various characters in Early Irish literature such as Cú Chulainn, Medb, and Emer. Some are in verse, some in prose. The collection is open-ended. I expect to continue to add new quotations, and to edit the content of the existing quotations.

Another large site of mine with Irish-language content is Focal an Lae, a collection of material for students of the modern language:

The Focal an Lae site includes, listed under "Features", Meyer's edition of The Triads of Ireland.

If you'd like to learn more about Old Irish spelling and pronunciation, please see The Value of the Letters.

Other sites of mine which are entirely in Irish can be accessed by going to Nascanna.

If you would like to contact me with suggestions, contributions, corrections, etc., please write to me, Dennis King, at donncha1@q.com.

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