About the Collector

Dennis KingIs mise Dennis King. Tá áthas orm gur aimsigh tú an suíomh seo!

Since this site is about Early Irish literature, I might as well condense my relationship to Old Irish into a triad. Some of the things that give me satisfaction as a student of Old Irish:

my long and fruitful involvement with the bright and generous members of Old-Irish-L, the on-line community of which I am one of the directors;

the on-line Old Irish glossary In Dúil Bélrai , which I created with the help of my pal Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle, and which I use constantly; and

the publication in the poetry anthology An Guth 2 (Coiscéim, 2004) of a series of nineteen riddles that I composed in Old Irish.

Now here's some more mundane information. I've lived in Seattle since 1990, where I moved from my native California. I teach or have taught Modern Irish, Old Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Sanskrit over the past decade. I'm an inventive cook. I'm happy getting dirty in the garden. I love driving down a highway in Eastern Oregon or Nevada without seeing another vehicle for the whole length of a CD.