Fiss 7 Fochmarc 7 Eolus a trí ndruid.

Fiss 7 Fochmarc 7 Eolus a trí ndruid.
Dub 7 Dorcha 7 Teimel a trí ndeogbaire.
Saith 7 Leór 7 Línad a trí rannaire.

(information * and * questioning * and * knowledge * their * three * druids
blackness * and * darkness * and * deep shadow * their * three * cupbearers
sufficiency * and * plenty * and * filling * their * three * carvers)

Facts and Questioning and Knowledge were their three druids.
Blackness and Darkness and Obscurity were their three cupbearers.
Fullness and Plenty and Filling were their three meatcarvers.

The Book of Leinster (lines 3902 - 3915; page 30d) contains a paragraph setting forth the triplistic description of the appearance, clothing, weaponry and retinue of Brian, Iuchar, and Iucharba, the "Trí Dee Donand" (Three Gods of Danu). The names of the three cupbears would seem to indicate that utter insensibility was the expected outcome of a good drinking bout.