Is bun baisi ai cin toga...

Is bun baisi ai cin toga.
Is gnim for gaineam toga gin asta.
Is uball a nairear fasta gin cuindrech.

(is * base * of foolishness * lawsuit * without * agreement
is * deed * on * sand * agreement * without * binding
is * apple * in * borderland * binding * without * power)

This triad of alliterating lines is found in CIH 1921.41f (= Trinity College MS H 3.17, p 433). Neil McLeod rid the five-line grouping in the MS of two interloping lines, and provided the following translation, which tracks much of the structure of the original:

The pit of stupidity is a claim without an agreement.
A structure on sand is an agreement without a guarantee.
An apple out-of-reach is a guarantee without any power.

This is a more standardized spelling of the same lines:

Is bun baíse áe cen toga.
Is gním for gainem toga cen astud.
Is uball i n-airer astud cen cuindrech.