Luin oc elaib...

Luin oc elaib,
ungai oc dírnaib,
crotha banaithech
oc crothaib rignai,
ríg oc Domnall,
dord oc aidbse,
adann oc caindil,
colg oc mo chailg-se.

(blackbirds * at * swans / ounces * at * pounds / shapes * of peasant women * at * shapes * of queens / kings * at * Donald / humming * at * singing / a rushlight * at * candles / a sword * at * my * sword - emphatic)

Blackbirds next to swans,
ounces next to pounds,
peasant women's appearance
next to the appearance of queens,
kings next to Domnall,
humming next to singing,
a rushlight next to a candle,
any sword next to my sword.

Praise and thanks, handsomely spoken by the poet Colmán mac Lénéni upon receiving the gift of a sword from Domnall, king of Tara, found in "Sanas Cormaic".